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Wikimedia Deutschland – Gesellschaft zur Förderung Freien Wissens e. V. is a non-profit organisation based in Berlin, Germany. With over 150 employees and about 85.000 members, it is the oldest and largest of about 40 independent chapters of the international Wikimedia movement. The best known Wikimedia project, the free online encyclopedia Wikipedia, is used by millions of people across the world every day and is continuously updated and improved by millions of users. 

Wikimedia Deutschland promotes these ideals even beyond the free encyclopedia: It is our aim to establish and advocate for the creation, collection, and distribution of free knowledge in all parts of society. Our objective is to create a world in which the sum of all human knowledge is freely accessible for everyone. The main focus of our activities is the support of volunteers, the development of technology and software, and the cooperation with cultural and scientific institutions. Furthermore, we advocate on both the national and EU-level a legal framework which allows for free knowledge to become part of our everyday life.

Task/Content of the assignment:

Customize and install an instance of OER World Map software for the purposes of the Wikimedia Capacity Exchange project.  The assignment includes:

  1. Install an instance of the software on a platform provided by WMDE. The sources and instructions can be found on github:
  2. Customization of the software. The code is Java. The areas of changes are recorded in configuration files. There are two areas where changes to the original OERworldmap software are required:
    1. Replacing some metadata vocabularies with our own metadata categories. Example: the top 10 categories at OER World Map should be replaced with new 5 categories, as well as the search filters, and the drop-down menus within the search filters will change in number and in description.
    2. Adding languages to the interface (Latin and Cyrillic script). The project has its language files hosted at: The project group will choose 1-3 languages on this platform, to be added to the OERWorldmap instance.

The assignment will be carried out in close collaboration with the Capacity Exchange team, which will provide the content data and decisions and be available to answer questions.


The Movement Strategy will define the direction for the global Wikimedia movement through 2030. One of the recommendations of the strategy (Skills and leadership development) includes building a platform through which Wikimedians around the world can find and support each other with knowledge, services, and resources.


 Time period: Work should be completed by 10/15/21 so that the prototype can go live before the end of the year. A second request for bids will be issued later for maintenance/technical support/further customization after user feedback.

Time required: approx. 100 hours


Nicola Zeuner (